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Child License Info

Information for Production Companies and Photographers

A child under school leaving age (including newborns and upwards) normally need a licence to take part in performance activities and photographic modeling

This applies for any child who will be performing on stage, television, films, modeling, or taking part in a sporting activity where any one of the following conditions is met:

  • It is paid work
  • The child is required to be absent from school in order to appear
  • The child will be working for over 4 days
  • The child has performed, licensed or unlicensed, within the previous 6 months
  • The performance is taking place on licensed premises

There are strict guidelines on the number of hours and days a child may perform which vary according to their age and the nature of the work proposed.

It is the responsibility of the production company who commissions the model to ensure that all obligations under the Child Performance Regulations are adhered to and that a Child Performance License is in place.

The person in charge of the activity must apply to the child’s local council for a child performance licence. This can take anything from 7 to 21 days depending on the council. Simply google 'Child Performance License' adding the name of the local council in order to download the neccessary forms. Councils do not charge for this service.

We provide a license processing service to clients for £25 per application.

Check List for Hiring Clients

1 Once a confirmed booking has been made, the License Application Form should be downloaded. This is divided into two parts. Part 2 needs to be filled out by the parents and returned to you. Part 1 should then be filled out by the hiring company.

PDF License Application Form

2 A School Permission Letter may be neccessary - only required if the model is of school age and permission is required to take a day off. This should be sent to the parents and returned to you. You will need to send this off with your Child License Application Form

PDF School Permission Letter

3 Regulation 8 makes a medical examination compulsory before a licence is granted for any film or TV performance, or for a series of other performances lasting more than a week and in which the child is to perform on 6 days in a week (5 days in the case of sound recording). A doctors certificate is not normally required for photographic modeling. The exact rules and regulations vary from council to council. If a doctors certificate is required, it should be sent to the parents and returned to yourselves and sent off with your Child Application Form.

Download the Doctors Letter

4 A copy of the child's birth certificate or passport is required

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