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Free Test Shoots

When you register with us, we arrange a free test shoot for your baby at one of our UK studios.

The photographer will take baby through a guided photo shoot lasting up to an hour. Although the photo shoot is for baby, mums and dads are encouraged to join in occasionally to keep baby relaxed and happy.

Suitability for Modeling

During the shoot, the photographer will make an assessment of your baby's suitability for modeling, TV, film and video work. The ideal baby is out going, curious, extrovert, expressive, and perhaps a little mischievous. They should enjoy being in front of a camera and not be phased by strangers and strange surroundings. (a studio with lots of bright lights flashing away is a strange surrounding).

As well as assessing the baby, an assessment is made of the parent(s) attitude and behaviour. At first glance this may seem irrelevant. However, during an audition or casting, no matter how perfect a baby might be for the job, if the parents are overbearing, difficult, demanding and generally hard to work with, then baby will never get booked by our clients. Parents need to be cooperative, helpful, have a good sense of humour and be very patient.

It will be immediately obvious to the studio staff if baby is suitable and they will let you know within minutes of the photo shoot starting. Don't worry - we know that all babies have off days. The photographers will patiently coax the best out of baby making the shoot as much fun as possible.

Some babies may be really cranky and moody on the day. This may be due to the fact that they teething. or have a tummy bug etc. If this happens, you will be offered the chance to rebook the test shoot.

Model Families?

Our clients are always looking for 'model families'. Size 10 figures and stunning good looks are not essential. More often than not, casting agents are looking for real mums interacting naturally with their kids.

If you like to put yourself forward for work with your child, then please use the test shoot as an opportunity to have some professional studio pictures taken.

Props & Clothing

Young children have a very short attention span and can become quickly bored unless their curiosity is stimulated in some way. A top tip is to bring in their favourite toys books, and games.

All of our studios can supply variety of props but we do ask parents to bring in their own for two reasons. The first is hygiene, of particular importance in the case of babies and newborns. The second is for the sake of variety, creativity and originality.

Clothing should include

  • Branded, designer clothing looks fantastic, so bring some in
  • Cute nappy shots are almost obligatory for a baby portfolio
  • Bold coloured clothing without fussy patterns looks great
  • Onesies and baby grows also look rather cute
  • Babies swaddled in brightly coloured towels work well

Top Tip: Did we mention branded, designer clothing? This works well in photo shoots. Bring in as much as you have.

Costumes can work well but only one photo of each should be included in the portfolio. A casting agent does not want to see 15 pictures of a baby dressed in a pixie, fairy, or Bob the Builder outfit. Hats and base ball caps make great accessories but should not be over used.

Do Some Research

Preparing adequately for your photo shoot will make the maximum use of your time in the studio, leading to superlative, truly outstanding results of which you can be justifiably proud.

The best general advice we can give is to do some research on the internet and find studio poses, clothing styles, and props that you can see baby doing. Print these pictures out and bring them into the studio. Accessorising with scarves, boots, hats, etc is a quick and easy way to change the look and feel of any outfit.

After the Shoot

Choose your five FREE portfolio pictures

After the shoot, the studio will need about half an hour to prepare the pictures for viewing. The studio will send the agency five retouched photos from the session to kick start your baby's portfolio completely FREE OF CHARGE.

Parents are given the opportunity of choosing more pictures to go on your baby's portfolio page. If you take a look at our example galleries, you will notice that the majority of pages contain around 15 photos. We consider this to be the the minimum amount required to maximise your baby's chances of being booked for work.

Extra pictures from the shoot can be bought directly from the photographer on the day. These will be fully retouched, cropped and optimised for portfolio display. These will cost around £25 each. However, there is no obligation to buy any extra pictures.

If you choose not to buy any extra pictures, you will then need to send us your own additional pictures to go on baby's profile page. Please note that in order to maintain our high standards of model representation, the pictures you send us must be of professional quality or they will be rejected.

Digital and Printed Portfolios

When you go to auditions and castings, you should, at the very least, carry around a USB stick or CD containing baby's portfolio shots. A printed A4 portfolio is also a very useful tool to show photographers and casting professionals, especially in locations were computer or wireless access is limited. If required, printed A4 portfolios can be ordered through the website or directly from the photographers on the day.

Printed Portfolios

Video Clips

During the shoot, video clips will be recorded and we strongly recommend that parents make use of this portfolio option. A professionally edited 20 to 30 second clip is placed on baby's portfolio pages. These video clips help casting agents see your baby's full potential and will more than the double the chances of baby getting booked for work.

Video Portfolios

Comp Cards

Comp cards are also known as Z cards. They are simply an elaborate A5 sized business card containing a selection of portfolio pictures and contact details. A digital comp card is placed on baby's portfolio pages completely FREE OF CHARGE. Casting professionals can them download this card for their own records.

We also strongly advise parents to carry printed versions of this card to auditions and castings. This is a quick and easy method of getting your baby's details into the hands of interested professionals that you meet on the day. Printed copies can be very cheaply ordered through this website.

Comp Cards

Final Advice

Make sure that baby is well rested, well fed and had a good nights sleep. This applies to mums and dads as well!

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