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Comp Cards

Comp card is short for composite card, also known as 'Z' or 'Zed' cards. Basically, it is a business card used by models and actors.

They are normally around A5 is size, showing several photos of the model along with the agency contact details. It is a standard marketing tool that has been around for many years and is still very essential to have today.

Comp Cards

A comp card is a relatively inexpensive and versatile sales tool. When we ceate an online portfolio for our models, a free downloadable comp card is included. Casting agents can then download these cards to their own computer systems and have a permanent record of the model for possible future assignments.

Printed comp cards are very useful when attending auditions and bookings. You will meet a variety of industry professionals on the day who may express an interest in you and your child. Handing them a printed comp card is quick and easy and ensures that you and baby will not be forgotten.

Click on the link below to order printed copies of you online comp card.

Printed Comp Cards

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