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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the agency work?

We receive many requests on a daily basis from production companies, photographers, casting directors, event organisers and business owners to supply babies, toddlers families and pregnant mums for their media projects. Our easy to use, innovative, cutting edge website is easily found in all the top search engines which is one reason we get so many enquiries.

Another contributing factor to our incredible success in finding work for babies is the quality of our talent profiles on this website. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for a potential hirer to find the perfect baby for their project. This is done by ensuring the portfolio pictures are of a high standard, that each child has a downloadable 'Z' or comp card, and whenever possible, the model profile includes a short video showing the child in action. This approach has more than doubled our enquiry rate. Doesn't your baby deserve the best?

See the Perfect Portfolio

The application process

Parents are asked to fill in a simple email form and attach a couple of pictures of baby. That's all we need! We will reply to your email within 3 to 7 days. If you application is successful, you will receive a request to formally register with the agency and a profile page will be set up for baby. The portfolio pages can contain up to a maximum of 15 photos, a comp card and even video clips.

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Register for just 55!

If we like what we see in the application, you will be invited to register with the agency and your child will undergo a quick assessment. Providing all goes well, you will be given 5 professional pictures FREE OF CHARGE to kick start your child's profile page. We will also create a downloadable model card to go on the page FREE OF CHARGE.

What is the registration fee for?

In line with current legislation, we do not charge representation fees or any up front fees to find work. The fees charged are for the design, upload and maintenance of you child's portfolio on our website for one year.

Password protect?

It's entirely your choice. Our advice is NOT to password protect your baby's profile. If the portfolio is not password protected it will get a lot more industry viewings and consequently a lot more requests for auctions and bookings.

However, we entirely understand that this may be an issue for you. If this is the case, we will will password protect the portfolio so that only vetted individuals who have been given a username and password can see the protected content. We will also issue you with your own username and password so that you can view your baby's portfolio.

Upload your own pictures

All pictures that go on the profile pages must be up to date and to a professional standard. If you already have up to date professional pictures of your child you are welcome to send them to us and we will upload these pictures into your portfolio for you. If you or a friend have a decent camera, you are welcome t

What is the hiring process?

Any business or production company applying to hire baby models go through a vetting process to establish their credentials and legitimacy.

Our clients absolutely love our search tools as it cuts down on hours and hours of work. It enables these businesses to quickly find the perfect baby for their needs. Dates and model availability is checked with parents, fees are negotiated with the client and baby will then receive a confirmed booking for an audition or quite possibly, a paid assignment.

What is a Comp or Z Card?

Comp cards are also known as 'Z' or 'Zed' cards. An free online downloadable comp card is included on your portfolio pages. They are usually around A5 in size and show several pictures of the model. They also contain the contact details of the agency who represents the model. You will find that printed comp cards are very useful when you attend auditions and bookings where they can be handed out to industry professionals that may be interested in hiring baby for future assignments. You can download these and print copies at home or ask us to print them for you

Comp Cards

Who does the Agency accept?

We receive an average of 300 baby model applications a week depending on the time of year, from a catchment area which includes the south east and goes up as far a Birmingham. Applications from all ethnic backgrounds are welcome. All our applicants are carefully assessed on suitability, temperament and extrovertness in a studio environment. We accept less than 3% of applications onto our books.

Do we need professional photos?

When you make your initial application to join our agency, snap shots are fine - that's all we need to see.

There is a a lot of advice on the web which says 'No, professional pictures are not required. However, a quick look through many agency websites show some shockingly taken pictures of baby from which a casting director has to make a snap decision. These pictures are often out of focus, badly lit, poorly composed and are, in short, totally unsuitable for the purpose. Simply put, professional photos sell products and services. You need to give baby the best possibly chance of getting booked.

As part of the registration process, we will provide 5 FREE professional portfolio photos and a FREE comp card to go on your baby's profile page.

Our parents are always delighted with this FREE portfolio service and are frequently happy to leave the profile exactly as it is. The pages can be improved by adding additional pictures to the profile page - most parents have a total of 10 to 15 on the page. You are very welcome to provide your own additional pictures. There is also an option to purchase additional pictures taken during the assessment.

Do I need a printed portfolio?

A printed portfolio consists of an A4 or A3 book with plastic slip in sleeves into which baby's portfolio photos can be inserted. Tear sheets from any magazine photo shoots can also be added. It is not essential but, as with comp cards, it is an extremely quick way to show off your baby's talents to industry professionals during a booking or audition when they may be too busy to sit down at a computer and look at the online portfolio. It is definitely worth while having printed a portfolio if you can afford the extra expense.

Printed Portfolios

How much commission do you charge?

The agency earns commission on securing you work. We deduct just 25% commission on assignments. So, for example, if baby has worked for two hours (our minimum booking) and has earned £60 per hour, we would invoice the client for £120. When we receive payment, we would keep £30 (25%) and pay baby £90 (75%) This compares favourably to many other agencies who can charge considerably more.

Model Contract

Are model assignments guaranteed?

As an agency, we cannot guarantee your baby will find work. During the application process, we pick babies that we think are going to do well. At the end of the day, it is the client's choice as to the which baby they think is suitable. All we can do, and do very well, is maximise your baby's chance of being picked with a stunning website portfolio presentation.

Can I help baby find work?

Yes! As a parent, you should be very pro-active on your child's behalf. You should immediately reply to any emails from us regarding bookings. Parents should also keep the portfolio pages up to date

How much can baby earn?

Assignments can pay anything between £60/hour to literally thousands of pounds for high profile TV advertising campaigns involving a buyout fee were baby is a 'featured artist'. When we email you confirmation of a booking it will inform you of the fee negotiated with the client for babies services.

What age groups are you looking for?

We are a specialist agency representing children from new borns up to 5 years of age. We are also on the look out for pregnant ladies who very much in demand. Being a specialist agency is one of the reasons why we are so successful.

What days of the week do assignments happen?

Most of auditions, castings and confirmed bookings take place between Monday and Friday. Occasionally work will come in at the weekends and evenings. Work frequently come in at short notice, especially castings and photo shoots. So bear in mind that it pays to be as flexible as possible.

Why should we choose you?

Parents and industry professionals love our cutting edge website and being at the top of Google means we get any awful lot booking enquiries. Our online portfolios are presented beautifully. Combining this high quality presentation with a set of powerful search and filtration tools, makes a it very easy for a casting director to quickly find and book the right model for the job.

What makes your job quotes so special?

Sometimes, casting directors ask us to supply a list of baby models that we think are right for the job. We simply place all the model portfolios of suitable kids onto a hidden page on the website and email a link to the casting director. It's fast, simple and extremely successful in getting kids booked out on jobs. Click on the link below to see what we mean.

Job Quotes

Am I allowed to join other agencies?

When you sign up with us, we do not demand exclusivity. You are free to sign up with other agencies.

How do I join?

The first step is to to fill out the application form!

Take the next step and join us NOW!

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