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Training and Preparation

There are things you can do to prepare you baby or toddler for casting and auditions which will drastically improve their chances of success.


Baby and toddler advertising is all around us… and for good reason. Millions are spent every day in promoting products and brands to parents. Advertisers need to find the best baby talent available to market their products.

It's not enough for your baby just to be cute. Sure, there is nothing like raw, natural talent. However, like everything in life, to excel means making an effort in preparation and training. You wouldn't expect to put a tricycle in front of baby and expect them to jump on it and ride off into the sunset. You wouldn't put a potty in front of baby and tell them to get on with it. So why would you stick your baby in a strange studio environment, with a bunch of scary people and bright flashing lights, and expect them to produce the goods on cue.

Four Top Tips

1. With kids aged 4 years or more, an experienced casting director will want to see how the child reacts when separated from their parents. Many kids will be anxious and upset by this. Those that are happy and talkative are worth their weight in gold. With younger kids, it is good training to have as many people as possible to talk and interact with them without you being seen by your child. A good way to get them used to this and build confidence is to get aunts, uncles, cousins and grand parents to help - anyone who the child does not see on a regular basis. It is not always possible to alleviate separation anxiety in children but doing this training on a regular basis will help enormously and hopefully get your baby noticed.

2. Practice 'faces' with your child. Get them to mimic a happy face, a sad face, a silly face, an angry face, a scary face etc. When it comes to auditions and castings, this will be your secret weapon. We can guarantee that the majority of the competition will not be able to do this, ensuring that your child gets put through to the next stage.

3. Let your child see how friendly you are to strangers. Don't hesitate to give a friendly smile to people around you whether in a super market, a petrol station or at the nursery. Get your child to start doing the same. In no time at all, it will become second nature and will prove an invaluable skill when auditioning

4. Make sure your child is well rested, well fed and wearing comfortable clothes which are not too hot or cold.

Preparation is the key to success. This is where mums and dads can do their bit . Get it right, and your child will deliver a winning performance.

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